re:power is a national capacity building and training organization for the progressive movement. We’ve transformed into what we believe the movement needs: an expansion of what justice for our people looks like through a framework of inclusive politics. We’re offering a different narrative of who is a leader, who participates in politics, and what kind of world we are fighting for. We work towards our vision of inclusive politics by offering training and strategic support to leaders and organizations across the progressive ecosystem, focusing on movements, civic engagement, and governance.


This is the heartbeat of our work — it’s how we wield power, how the voices of the unheard get amplified, and what we do next. We support community and labor organizers, activists, and those who are building power in the grassroots domain through training and skills development, including organizing and mobilizing campaigns, strategic planning, and capacity building.

Civic Engagement

Our focus is on candidate development, campaign management for electoral campaigners and candidates ready to run for public office, and training individuals on managing campaigns and working on local and federal campaigns.


Supporting progressive state and local elected officials to lead and govern effectively through an organizing approach.

We believe in a future of inclusive politics where decisions about our communities are made by our communities at all levels.

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