We uncover the existing leadership that exists in our communities, with an emphasis on women of color and people living at the intersections of marginalized identities. We believe that if we create the space for our people to show up, learn the skills they need, and excel, we are contributing to the infrastructure of the movement. We offer specialized trainings in Elections & Governance, Movement Building, and Movement Technology.

Elections & Governance

Candidate development, campaign management, governance trainings

Our focus is on candidate development, campaign management, and governance for individuals ready to run for office, manage campaigns, work as a staffer on local and federal campaigns, and support for elected officials that align with our values.

Movement Building

Organizing and mobilizing campaigns, strategic planning, capacity building

This is the heartbeat of our work — it’s how we wield power, how the voices of the unheard get amplified, and what we do next. We support organizations, state coalitions, and networks through training and skills development, including organizing and mobilizing campaigns, strategic planning, and capacity building.

Movement Technology

Community-centered training in technology and strategy, including digital organizing and data and analytics

We are the only organization that offers long-term technology skills building, support, and training around digital organizing, engineering, digital security, and data and analytics for campaigns and grassroots movements. 

In 2016, we began this body of work because we saw that technology was getting farther and farther away from the core components of what makes organizing so powerful: people. What’s unique about this program is our grounding principle: we believe that technology cannot exist in a world that is absent of race, class, gender, and power dynamics. So we train organizers to make strategic decisions around how to use technology and tools to reach communities where they are, ensure that data reflects the fullness of people and their experiences, and that leadership in this space CAN actually look and feel radically different than what some of us have been taught to believe.

We work from simple principles: you are the expert in your community and movement technologists are leaders. It’s why we’ve designed our trainings around skill-building and people-centered strategy, and with the hope that you’ll leave our trainings with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity around your own leadership.

Developing the next generation of data and digital strategists is massively important in today’s political environment and in our broader push to win justice for every community. We’re teaching tech skills that are crucial to the success of a modern campaign.

We believe in a future of inclusive politics where decisions about our communities are made by our communities at all levels.

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