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As the results of this election continue to come in, we are in awe of the historic turnout. Nearly 160M people voted in the last several weeks by mail and in-person. Congratulations to the many organizers who poured their souls into mobilizing their communities in a year that required radical shifts in strategy and work during a dangerous global pandemic.

Elections are not the beginning or end of our work — they are simply a measurement of where we are as a country.

Last night showed us that white supremacy has an unyielding grip on all of our systems, including our politics. It has proven repeatedly to be dangerous to both our society and democracy, and revealed itself in yet another election. There is still plenty of long-term power-building and narrative-shifting work left to be done, especially with, for, and by communities of color. Like the rest of you, we are still watching. We are still fighting. We will not be muted.

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