Digital Organizer School

Focus Hope Detroit

Digital Organizer School is re:power’s core offering for progressive organizers, digital practitioners, and communicators who are looking to build technical skills and invest in strategic ability and leadership within the movement. Applicants will be asked to commit to full participation which includes a pre-training online gathering and and an intensive 5-day in-person training. Applications for … Continued

Electoral Campaign Management

    Electoral Campaign Management is part of  re:power academy: our signature training program in grassroots organizing, technology, and campaign management.  Applications are now closed. Sign-up for updates about upcoming trainings! Electoral Campaign Management is one of re:power’s key offerings in electoral politics for people seeking to be a campaign manager, political organizer, or a … Continued

Digital Safety


In September, you may have seen re:power staff participate in the Hold the Line Roundtable, co-hosted by M+R, where we discussed ways to protect our democracy and prepare for a contested election. As groups nationwide are training people to mobilize and take to the streets post-election, we know that many people—whether due to health concerns, … Continued

We believe in a future of inclusive politics where decisions about our communities are made by our communities at all levels.

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