Our philosophy on training and leadership development is rooted in community and local leadership. In order to build sustainable power in communities, we have to transform the way we think about power, who holds it, and how we wield it. Building movements requires combining civic engagement, capacity building, and leadership development — and we’re doing this with a firm eye on how race, class, and gender intersect this work.


Re: Building Political Power

We believe in co-creating with action-oriented partners to expand the ways people think about politics.

Re: Justice

We believe in expanding our definition of justice to confront interconnected systems of oppression that keep us from our liberation.

Re: Local Leadership

We believe that by rooting our work in local communities we can cultivate leaders that authentically reflect and serve the communities they most impact.

Re: Winning

We believe that real wins shift the narrative and support change over the long-term β€” how we do the work matters as much as the outcome.

Re: Technology

We believe in using technology as a space to build power with diverse leaders.

We believe in a future of inclusive politics where decisions about our communities are made by our communities at all levels.

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