Why re:power? 

re:power is the progressive movement’s largest and most-trusted capacity-building and training organization, with over 100,000 alumni and 250 partner organizations. Founded in 2003 as Wellstone Action—and rebranded in 2018 as re:power—we are a team of organizers, strategists, and technologists dedicated to building transformative political power with communities of color. Our work is tied to the belief that by partnering with individuals, organizations, and coalitions across the country, we can uncover leaders within communities to create radical change.

We work toward our vision by offering strategic training, coaching and thought partnership to leaders of color and community organizations across the movement. We have intentionally chosen to focus on communities of color in recognition of the decades of movement work these communities have led without intentional investment. re:power is led by women of color for women of color.

We’re proud to reveal our new identity while maintaining our status as a trusted leader in political training around organizing and capacity building. Our new name and brand is our answer to what the movement needs: an expansion of what justice looks like for our people through a framework of inclusive politics. We’re offering a different narrative of who is a leader, who participates in politics, and what outcomes we are fighting for.

Our Culture

re:power is actively working toward building a culture firmly rooted in our values: 

  • Racial justice
  • Dignity & worth of our people
  • Sustainability
  • Communication & collaboration 
  • Accountability & excellence.  

As an organization that is rebuilding in its new vision and mission, we continuously engage our staff in helping build the ongoing practices and behaviors that support this culture.  

Each of us has a unique role to fill in living out re:power’s mission. We’re a national team, with national impact, and we value the ability to be flexible in how we approach our individual and collective work.  Our goal is to develop and sustain an organizational culture that makes it possible to do excellent work for ourselves and with our team as a whole.

Our Benefits & Offices

At re:power, we value our people as much as our work (so: A LOT).  So we’ve built a pretty amazing organizational culture, one that’s grounded in doing exceptional work; prioritizing racial justice; investing in our teammates’ success just as much as our own; and living our full, whole lives as people who are going to be part of this movement for the long haul.

Here are a few of the benefits we offer:


re:power pays 90% of the premium costs for individuals, eligible domestic partners, and families for health and dental insurance coverage. We regularly hear from our team that both these plans and these terms are some of the most generous that folks have ever had, both within and outside of our movement.


re:power is a work-from-anywhere organization. While we still maintain a small office in Minneapolis, most of our team works in states around the country and many members of our team work part-time or full-time from home. We believe in building the best possible crew—we’re a national nonprofit, with national impact, and supporting our staff to live wherever they choose, so that they can do their best work, is a key part of our culture.


While most of our staff work 9–5 each day, many members of our team organize their work schedules to accommodate the needs of their role along with their personal needs. This can mean starting and ending your workday earlier, or otherwise adjusting your work week to be sure you can achieve excellence in your role and deliver results while also balancing your personal and family priorities.


Perhaps our most popular benefit, re:power offers one of the most flexible and generous paid time off policies in our sector (or any other). We do not cap the amount of paid time off staff can request during the year. Instead, we encourage staff to take the time they need to sustain themselves.


We know you’re already great by the time you join our crew. And we’re also going to commit time and money to further develop your skills and leadership for re:power and the movement. We have a dedicated staff development budget, and we’ll work with you to create a plan for how you want to grow, and then support you to get there.

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We believe in a future of inclusive politics where decisions about our communities are made by our communities at all levels.

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