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re:power is a national capacity building and training organization for the progressive movement. We’ve transformed into what we believe the movement needs: an expansion of what justice for our people looks like through a framework of inclusive politics. We’re offering a different narrative of who is a leader, who participates in politics, and what kind of world we are fighting for.

We work towards our vision of inclusive politics by offering training and strategic support to leaders and organizations across the progressive ecosystem, focusing on movements, civic engagement, and governance. In the last two years, re:power has trained over 4,000 organizers, candidates, campaigners, and leaders across our movement. 65% of our alumni identify as BIPOC as do the majority of our trainers, 61% are women, and 22% are youth (ages 18-24).

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished together in such a short time, and also know that in order for our communities to continue winning and driving positive change, we must keep building our skills, capacities and networks. At re:power, we thrive in this transformational work. Our nimble, bold, and energetic team is laser-focused on our mission to change the face of power in this country. Join us!

Our Culture

re:power is actively working toward building a culture firmly rooted in our values: 

  • Racial justice
  • Dignity & worth of our people
  • Sustainability
  • Communication & collaboration 
  • Accountability & excellence.  

As an organization that is rebuilding in its new vision and mission, we continuously engage our staff in helping build the ongoing practices and behaviors that support this culture.  

Each of us has a unique role to fill in living out re:power’s mission. We’re a national team, with national impact, and we value the ability to be flexible in how we approach our individual and collective work.  Our goal is to develop and sustain an organizational culture that makes it possible to do excellent work for ourselves and with our team as a whole.

Our Benefits & Offices

At re:power, we value our people as much as our work (so: A LOT).  So we’ve built a pretty amazing organizational culture, one that’s grounded in doing exceptional work; prioritizing racial justice; investing in our teammates’ success just as much as our own; and living our full, whole lives as people who are going to be part of this movement for the long haul.

Here are a few of the benefits we offer:

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We believe in a future of inclusive politics where decisions about our communities are made by our communities at all levels.

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